Hi! I'm Shea. And you?


You’re smart. Driven. Practical. Success-oriented. Ok, maybe a little type A. (Even if you try to hide it.) You love to work and you (try to)  balance it with a healthy dose of play. Your people? Well, they mean everything to you and you’d do anything for them.

Your life is good. Your career or business is not so shabby! But something’s not quite working. (Have you felt that? It starts as just the tiniest itch that you can’t scratch and then it’s like trying to knock down a brick wall with only your mind.) Or maybe you have a very specific problem and need a very specific plan to solve it. And all that good advice from friends, family, and mentors? It’s not really helping.

So you dive into the internet - somebody, somewhere out there must know how you feel. And you’re right. Everyone has a solution and an opinion. “Earn $100,000 this year working from the beach!” “Up your newsletter subscribers by eleventy billion percent! Just follow my rules!” “Vision boards! You will FAIL without a vision board!” “What’s your side hustle? Oh you don’t have a side hustle? YOU’RE LAZY!”

But the beach makes you sneeze, you don’t do newsletters, the vision board you made didn’t really help, and, for the love of all that is holy, if you have to add one more thing into your schedule you’re going to snap. You’re overwhelmed, unimpressed, you STILL haven’t solved your problem, and all the while time is slipping by and you feel like you are further and further away from what you need. You’re tired of gimmicks and free downloads and self-empowerment podcasts.


You need a clear, concise plan that solves your problems. A personalized plan. A well-researched strategic plan backed by proven tactics from many disciplines. But you also need a plan that can grow organically with the rapid changes in your life, business, or career.


Well, like I said, I’m Shea. And that kind of plan? That’s what I do.


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I was told that success comes from a very specific, very narrow path.

Whoever told me that was wrong.

I'm a word lover, number cruncher, travel junkie, dog mom, girl's girl, big sister, podcast maker, brand writer, long distance hiker, city mouse, country gal, event producer lady boss.

I've worked as an account executive, nanny, project manager, assistant, brand director, researcher, typist, studio manager, copywriter, and more.  I've studied what I wanted to, where I wanted to, when I wanted to. I've lived in New York City, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Madrid, Portland, and Granada.

And I figured out how to do all that in the middle of the recession.

No, my path doesn't look like anybody else's.

And neither should yours.

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Shea Keats