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Shea Keats Business and Career Coaching, Corporate Workshops and Events

Meet Shea

Principal & Founder


Shea Keats is a business and leadership educator and strategic coach living in Portland, OR. She uses a unique combination of savvy business skills, narrative storytelling, and intuitive questioning to help her clients build comprehensive toolkits for life, business, and beyond.

Shea holds masters degrees in business management and English literature from Case Western Reserve University and New York University respectively. Before establishing her own practice, she worked as the Director of Brands and Production at kinder MODERN in New York City. When she’s not working, Shea can most likely be found hanging out with her best friend and very good dog, Benson.

Take a closer look at what I offer:

Meet Maddie

Director of Sales & Outreach

Maddie Jerge is a graduate of New York University’s prestigious Stern School of Business and has worked as a financial analyst for major corporations and start-ups alike. Maddie is a numbers whiz and a leadership development junkie, volunteering and mentoring other women in her spare time. She loves music and podcasts, and you can probably find her exploring the streets of NYC with the latest tune or sharpest commentary playing in her ear.

Meet Benson

World’s Worst Assistant & Number One Office Dog

(Detective Olivia) Benson Keats spends her days barking loudly and preventing intruders, like the FedEx guy, from bothering Mom and Maddie while they have Skype meetings. She is horrible at filing, but really good at cuddles and convincing us to get some fresh air. Her idol and namesake is Olivia from Law and Order: SVU, and Benson spends her spare hours trying to become a tiny detective solving adorable crimes.


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