Case Study // Majorie Michaels

Working with film production company Majorie Michaels and founder Aaron Murtagh was such a treat. I feel honored that Aaron trusted me to help him craft the next stage of his career, both practically and creatively. Originally, our goal in working together was to create a simple website hosting his production company’s work and write some engaging copy describing past projects and an in-progress movie script. He was also interested in looking at his social media and seeing which platform, if any, might be helpful for sharing his work. Once we began to really dig in to Aaron’s goals, both long and short term, I found that he had so much more going on! Over the next six months, this is what happened:

  • An in-depth audit of his social media platforms, both personal and professional. From that audit, we created a bespoke social media plan for Aaron, who admitted he felt overwhelmed and anxious about sharing his work on these platforms, that was comfortable and attainable. By identifying that his primary goal with social is networking, not exposure, we were able to create a plan where success is not defined by the quantity of followers, but by the quality. At the end of our time together, Aaron felt like he had the tools to craft his own social media editorial calendar and execute goal-driven posts. He’s also used Instagram to foster positive interactions with several prominent players in the industry that he previously wouldn’t have approached.

  • A clarification of Aaron’s professional goals as a filmmaker and a creative. It was important for us to really get to the heart of this issue - is Aaron a director? A producer? A writer? He certainly is, and will continue to be, all three, but by defining him as a producer, he is setting himself up for a future where he is really living his dream of bringing the best in the industry together for the projects that he chooses.

  • A simple, branded landing page that provides easy access to Aaron’s award-winning films and directs visitors to his social media. This resulted in a definitive uptick in viewership and followers.

  • A long term plan for applying to film festivals and labs around the world. This involved analyzing the festival and lab calendar, identifying the best fits for both the company and the in-progress screenplay, and pre-drafting stellar bios, loglines, and synopses for the upcoming applications.

  • Taking Aaron’s newest screenplay from outline to finished script, with multiple rounds of edits. These types of projects always become a personal passion for me and I love watching my creatives gain confidence and skill as we polish their incredible work.

  • Finally, as Aaron prepares for a season of change in both his personal and professional lives, we worked to make an attainable plan for prioritizing his creative work, as he still continues to balance a 9-5 and increasing family responsibilities. I cannot wait to see what Aaron does next!

Aaron was the perfect candidate for ongoing 1-1 coaching, as he had both specific projects he needed to review with a strategic eye and be held accountable for executing, as well as ongoing questions about the direction of his work. By working with me for an extended period of time, Aaron gained confidence and direction, and also walked away with tangible materials he can use for future projects and marketing.

Majorie Michaels is an award-winning film production company based in Montana. Nostalgic, yet fresh, MM mines the bittersweetness of life’s milestones to tell poignant and reflective narratives through stunning imagery. With a strong vision and deep commitment to the craft, MM strives to be both a conduit for and a collaborator with emerging and established screenwriters, actors, and cinematographers. Aaron Murtagh founded Majorie Michaels as a vehicle for sharing stories he finds both uncomfortable and inspiring. Aaron studied photography at Syracuse University and film directing at the California Institute of the Arts. His acclaimed short films What You Don’t See and White Elephant have screened at festivals throughout the US. He also produced the award-winning feature film Present Company Excluded (Best Actress IFFNOHO, Best Director New Fest, and Best Women in Film Golden Door International Film Fest). He lives in Bozeman, MT with his wife, Jenny, and their cat, Stanley.

Shea Keats