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Looking for a Plan?


You’re smart. Driven. Practical. Success-oriented. Ok, maybe a little type A. (Even if you try to hide it.) You love to work and you (try to)  balance it with a healthy dose of play. Your people? Well, they mean everything to you and you’d do anything for them.

Your life is good. Your career or business is not so shabby! But something’s not quite working. Or maybe you have a very specific problem and need a very specific plan to solve it. And all that good advice from friends, family, and mentors? It’s not really helping.

So you dive into the internet - somebody, somewhere out there must know how you feel. And you’re right. Everyone has a solution and an opinion. “Earn $100,000 this year working from the beach!” “Up your newsletter subscribers by eleventy billion percent! Just follow my rules!” “Vision boards! You will FAIL without a vision board!” “What’s your side hustle? Oh you don’t have a side hustle? YOU’RE LAZY!”

But the beach makes you sneeze, you don’t do newsletters, the vision board you made didn’t really help, and, for the love of all that is holy, if you have to add one more thing into your schedule you’re going to snap. You’re overwhelmed, unimpressed, you STILL haven’t solved your problem, and all the while time is slipping by and you feel like you are further and further away from what you need. You’re tired of gimmicks and free downloads and self-empowerment podcasts.

 Shea Keats Career and Business Coaching

You need a clear, concise plan that solves your problems. A well-researched strategic plan backed by proven tactics from many disciplines. But something that can also grow organically with the rapid changes in your life, business, or career.


that kind of plan? That’s what I do.


1:1 Strategic Coaching

Get the personalized help you need and start doing the work.

Coffee Chats

On tap mentoring for all your professional conundrums.

Workshops & EVENTS

Get some distance and gain some insights. A curated space just for you.


1:1 Strategic Coaching

3 month minimum


What do I get?

  • Twice monthly 60 minute calls

  • Ongoing, unlimited support via email, text, or the platform of your choice for the duration of your coaching package

  • Quarterly follow-ups (that means an additional 60 minute phone call every 3 months for a year!)


No, but, like, what do I GET???

This will depend on your individual needs and wants! Schedule a free call with me to talk about your specific strategy. Some examples of things we might work on together:

  • Pricing your product or service

  • Crafting content and language to make your business stand out

  • Social media strategy (especially if you hate social media) and implementation

  • Budgeting

  • Goal setting

  • Life/Work Balance

  • Industry specific needs

  • Managing staff

  • Decision making

  • Collecting curated materials to help you build your business and design your life

  • Making connections to the best designers, photographers, copywriters, and more!


Why do I want it?

  • You’re starting a new venture and need ongoing, practical advice on multiple fronts

  • You’re at a crossroads in your life, business, or career and need help choosing the right path

  • You’re feeling stuck and can’t figure out if the right step is to throw in the towel or lean in

  • You’re a solopreneur or creative who needs someone to hold them accountable in their work


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Coffee Chats

Wish you had a best friend or mentor you could call any time for all your professional conundrums? These quick 30 minute micro-sessions are laser-focused to help you get answers to your daily dilemmas and eliminate related anxiety.

You might use a coffee chat to help with the following:

  • I’m applying for a new position in my company. What’s the best way to make my application stand out?

  • I need someone to look over this email really quickly!

  • I have a million projects on my desk this week and don’t know what to prioritize!

  • I have to have a hard conversation with my boss/assistant/intern/VP and I’m not sure how to handle it.

  • Something weird happened with a co-worker. Do I escalate it to HR?

  • I’m leaving my job and am freaking out about telling my boss.

  • I have a great idea and want to run it by an objective third party.

Schedule a call with me here to find what works best for you!

*Must be booked 24 hours in advance. Calls only available M-F 8:30am-5pm PST.

**No notes and minimal follow-up included.


Workshops and EVENTS

Schedule a call with me and I’ll develop a strategic workshop custom built for your unique business. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Hiring & Managing Interns & Assistants for Small Businesses

  • Social Media Strategy for People Who Hate Social Media

  • Managing Millennials

  • Team Goal Setting

  • Strategic Planning

Price varies pending workshop scope and location.