Q: Are there any other expenses?

A: If your organization is located more than 90 miles outside of Portland, OR there is a flat travel fee of $250. Many of my clients also like to budget for refreshments for their employees who attend the workshop. A happy hour after the session is a great way to put those new networking skills to the test!

Q: Do you require anything else for your presentation?

A: A screen to display my slides! I create all my presentations in Google slides, so I can present from any computer with internet access. If you would like me to stream the slides directly from my computer, please make sure the equipment is Mac compatible.


Q: Do you do 1:1 coaching?

A: Yes, on a case by case basis I offer career coaching for leaders at all levels. Give me a call and let’s see how I can help!

Q: I like this, but it’s not a perfect fit for our organization - we have other needs. Do you offer anything else?

A: Yes, I offer custom workshops and long-term consulting/leadership and development on a case by case basis. Let’s chat asap to discuss the best options for your organization.