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What if networking were fun? 


If you’re like most of us, “networking” is a chore.
You know you have to do it, but the idea of standing around making small talk about yourself over
weak cocktails at some industry sanctioned affair makes your stomach turn.

So, you put it off.
You even avoid those events that look like fun, because they always seem to be at an inconvenient time or you don’t have anyone to go with or, if you’re being honest with yourself, you don’t want to waste your precious time on something that might be lame. So you polish your LinkedIn profile, join a few Facebook groups, and check “networking” off your list.

But then it’s time to look for a new job or start a new initiative at work or maybe even find a preschool for your little one…and you suddenly find yourself without a community. Without a network of strong, smart, capable women who can lift you up and guide you through whatever you’re facing. And in between those moments of need? Well, you’re lonely, because more than any other generation Millennials find it difficult to cultivate and maintain meaningful relationships over time.


But what if there were a new way to network?

And what if I told you, I’ve found the way.



A one-of-a-kind, regional networking group that uses the best of social media and online networking to get women off the internet and grow their network authentically and build community organically in real life.


How does it work?  


After filling out a brief application and paying your first month’s membership fee, you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group. Inside this group you’ll meet other like-minded women from many walks of life and a wide range of professional industries, as well as find excellent and exclusive resources on building community and local activities.


Each month we challenge every member to do the following:

  • Post and host an event for others to attend. Be creative! This doesn’t have to be a “networking event” in the traditional sense - it can be as simple as inviting others to join you at the local dog park or getting a group together to volunteer at your favorite non-profit. 

  • Attend an event hosted by another member of the group. 


Other Perks Include:

  • Discounted tickets to events hosted by Wing Women (more on those coming in early 2019)!

  • A comprehensive calendar of events going on in the greater Portland area.

  • Exclusive webinars and online workshops on a variety of professional and self-development topics led by top experts.

  • A safe and screened online community to ask for what you need and to serve others.

  • Follow-up and feedback after every event.


Why is networking and community building important for women?

  • Women’s events tend to be shorter. (Think lunch vs. golf.)

  • There are fewer opportunities for women to network across different industries.

  • Work is not usually the subject of female-driven social events.

  • Men shy away from networking with women.

  • BUT women communicate better and are more intentional in their interactions.

  • You instinctively know a lot about networking and are innately good at it.



  • I’m really busy this month and there’s no way I’m going to be able to attend two events! Do I have to leave the group?
    Of course not! We understand that women have a lot on their plates and every month will be different. However, the success of this group does depend on member participation, so we encourage you to do as much as you can and reach out to us if you need help making it work!

  • I don’t know these women. Is it safe to attend events with them?
    While all members are pre-screened and must apply to join, please know you are attending any event at your own risk. If you meet with a member of a group and feel uncomfortable for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • Why is there a membership fee?
    Simple - we value things we invest in. You will be more likely to engage fully with the group if you have a small financial stake in it. However, we have and we will continue to keep the membership fee attainable.

  • This is SO cool! Why isn’t there a Wing Women chapter in my town?
    We hope to expand beyond Portland by summer 2019! If you are interested in starting a chapter in your city, please email us.

  • How big is the group?
    Wing Women chapters are limited to 150 women. If more than 150 women in a city are interested, we will begin a second chapter.

  • I hosted an event and only one person showed up. I’m feeling really down about this - why don’t people want to network with me?
    One person showed up! That is awesome! We hope you got to have a great conversation and walked away richer in community. Remember, Wing Women is here to create more points of connection, and with more opportunities to connect, events will tend to be smaller and more intimate.


Side effects may include friendship and success.

No hiking necessary.


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