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Bridging the Gap


As a leader, you’re passionate about your work, your clients, and, most of all, your team. You are constantly thinking of ways to make your organization better and you know that growth begins internally. However, you’re frustrated by the lack of clear, curated resources to educate your team on the complicated modern workplace. You want to inspire them, train them big, and give them immediate, ongoing ways to implement what they’ve learned in their work. Your HR team can only do so much and is often bogged down by legalities and red tape. Traditional corporate leadership consultants are prohibitively expensive and lack follow through. Conventions and conferences are wonderful sparks, but often burn out quickly once your team comes home.

Whether your company has 5 or 500 employees, I am proud to offer bespoke workshops and custom long term leadership programs that bridge the gaps between education, experience, and human resources. Covering topics from communication to confidence, I help bring teams together and then propel them forward.

Shea Keats Business and Career Coaching, Corporate Workshops and Events

Through bespoke and custom long term leadership programs, I help to bring teams together and propel them forward.


 Tailor Made Sessions


I offer a variety of workshops and speaking topics. Choose from one below or contact me directly about creating a bespoke session.

  • Self Confidence
    Tips and tricks for feeling more confident in day-to-day life, both professionally and personally. This session also includes some small group time in which participants will be encouraged to open up about their own struggles with self-confidence in all areas of life.

  • Networking
    A deep dive into networking with a purpose! I’ll walk participants through some networking goal setting, as well as a review of the best online channels for networking and different types of adjustments we can make to our language to really make networking effective. We’ll also discuss what not to do and follow up.

  • Presentation Skills
    This session reviews best practices for presentations, as well as how to handle the dreaded Q&A. The workshop includes some small group work where participants will put together a short presentation on a whimsical topic and share it with the larger group for practice and constructive criticism.

  • Work-life Balance
    This workshop gives practical skills for keeping your boss and yourself happy. It includes tips for setting boundaries, being mindful of your personal time, how to self-audit your activity, and more.

  • Written & Verbal Communication Skills
    This workshop provides concrete tips on how to immediately transform your teams communication skills, focusing on vocabulary and grammar to make emails, presentations, etc. strong and effective. It also delves into the power of storytelling to get quick and positive results. The session includes a quick refresher on email etiquette.

  • Managing Up
    As part of a dynamic team, entry and mid level employees are often expected to “manage up” and make sure their boss and senior members of the team stay on track. The art of managing up is a delicate one, and this workshop explores these issues in a safe and neutral environment. Participants are encouraged to bring their toughest questions for a rigorous, no-holds-barred Q&A about how to be the best team member possible, while keeping their boss and themselves happy.

  • Managing Millennials
    An excellent counterpart to Managing Up, Managing Millennials helps senior team members connect with with members of this unique generation and channel their worldview, work ethic, and digital skills for good and not evil! Featuring a round table discussion, this workshop dispels myths and creates strategies for overcoming generational barriers and working seamlessly with a diverse team.


Additional topics:

Goal-setting (Professional & Personal!) / Friends, Lovers, Bosses: Managing Workplace Relationships / Strategic Decision Making / Social Media and the Workplace


 Kind Words

Shea Keats, Workshops and Events

"Shea hosted a session on self-confidence and networking for our company's Women's Network. She asked those tough, personal questions that left you thinking long after the session was over. She even gave us homework so that we could immediately practice our new skills! Shea curated the session for our organization's unique needs; and the session received strong positive feedback from women across all levels."

— Molly F. / Director, Finance / Hello Fresh / NYC

Shea Keats Speaking Engagements and Corporate Events

“Shea was very engaging, prepared and knowledgeable. She shared personal stories, gave concrete tips, and encouraged meaningful discussion. I took away a lot I want to incorporate in my daily personal and professional life. Others who attended the workshop, from entry-level to directors, also had a very positive impression of Shea and the workshop. We definitely plan on working with her again!”

— Maddie J. / FY+P Analyst / Hello Fresh / NYC


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Bespoke workshops begin at $2,000 for a 90 minute session.

Schedule a free discovery call with me today to figure out what your company needs.


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